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Flexitron Group, the international group dedicated to IoT markets acquires majority stake in Webdyn S.A.S to extend its footprint in the energy transition market.

The Flexitron Group is an international conglomerate focusing on IoT sectors. The group has its headquarters in Madrid with employees worldwide with offices in Europe, Africa, Latin America, USA and Asia. Some of its major companies include Matrix (with the brand MTX) for IoT hardware solutions, IoTBlue for IoT software and Taxitronic, the global leader in taxi management solutions.  MTX devices are part of all kinds of IoT solutions wordlwide, with active projects in sectors such as Smart Transportation, Smart City, Metering or Industry 4.0. Taxitronic has more than 150,000 active taximeters on the market and more than 30,000 data terminals connected to a radio taxi with Taxitronic technology, with a presence in the main countries of Western Europe, North America (especially New York), the Middle East and North Africa. The group is privately owned and led by José María Vilallonga Presas & José Luis Vicente García.


For José María Villalonga Presas, chairman of the Flexitron Group, Webdyn is a nice fit in the Flexitron Group family:

“Webdyn has a unique product portfolio: customers love their products and appreciate their functionalities and quality. Our team saw the market potential of Webdyn’s portfolio and how we can extend Webdyn’s reach with our market access. In addition, we believe that Flexitron Group’s and Webdyn’s people share common values of trust, ethics, and professionalism. We are very excited to welcome Webdyn into the Flexitron Group.”

Philippe Faugeras is very pleased with the acquisition by Flexitron Group: “
As a founder, I was looking for an acquirer who would help us continue to grow Webdyn with a similar entrepreneurial spirit. First, we identified strong products and market synergies between the two entities. Second, we liked Flexitron Group’s team. We share a common vision in terms of on our goal to contribute to energy transition and believe our teams can work well together to leverage those synergies. We are very happy to be joining forces.

For over 20 years; Webdyn has been designing, industrialising and distributing M2M and IoT communication hardware and software solutions for Smart Grid, Smart Building and Smart Cities markets.

Webdyn has developed cutting edge know-how, using Internet protocols and last generation radio and cabled technology to provide innovating and economic remote service and monitoring solutions: remote maintenance, remote management, remote control, remote monitoring.

Webdyn is currently a European multi-protocol hub supply leader. Competitive and flexible, these products can be used to cover all remote service and monitoring applications that require IP technology in your remote control needs.

Webdyn connects your equipment to the Internet using fixed (RTC, Ethernet) or mobile (GSM, 3G, 4G, LTE-M) communication networks. You can therefore use web services (HTML page, Email, text message) to remotely manage your local and remote equipment spread all over the world and integrate the data.

Thanks to its experience and renown, Webdyn also extends its expertise to RF endpoints (Wireless M-Bus and LoRa), to cellular interfaces and CPL G3 gateways to cater to its customers’ needs as closely as possible.

Webdyn is present in several European countries as well as in Asia with an Indian subsidiary.

Receive vital information from your machine assets at all times (running status, stock, troubleshooting, traceability, alarms) and easily, simply and securely manage your equipment in real time using your web services.

Webdyn's strengths


Webdyn has been refining its radio (high and low speed), CPL, embedded system and more generally telecommunications technology expertise for over 20 years. Over 50% of its employees work in R&D.


The solutions proposed by Webdyn are easy to customise to specific needs. ISO 9001 certified since 2014, Webdyn can supply you quality products that include the latest M2M technology.


As good relations are essential to a successful project, Webdyn makes the care given to its customers a point of honour. The reactivity of its sales and support services as well as the trust created with its customers are essential and are the subject of an annual satisfaction survey.


In the pursuit of a win-win relationship with its customers, Webdyn offers its products at very attractive value for money prices. This means the highest number can deploy hubs and Endpoints on a large scale for a respectable cost.


The management system we have implemented for the design, production monitoring and sale of hubs, customer support, training and after-sales services has been assessed and found compliant with the requirements of ISO 9001 by AFNOR Certification.

Business expertise

Ensure the automated remote collection and analysis of data from your field equipment:

  • Tele-monitoring: data collection, initialisation of internal parameters.

  • Preventive and curative telemaintenance: telediagnosis, help with troubleshooting, raising alerts, etc.

  • Remote monitoring: alarm notification by email or SMS, life signal, etc.

Webdyn’s M2M solutions integrate:

  • A modular hardware and software architecture that can be easily interfaced with all equipment.

  • Bi-directional communication between the machines and the information system.

  • An opening of the EndPoints and concentrators to the most advanced technologies.

  • Mobile (2G, 3G, 4G), wireless (Wireless MBus, LoRa, Wavenis, RFID, Wi- Fi) or wired (CPL, ADSL, RTC) telecommunications networks.

Webdyn’s gateways enable:

  • DATA ACQUISITION: collection of data from sensor networks, industrial or residential equipment through wireless or wired technologies. The concentrator embeds the physical interface and the adapted standard or proprietary protocol.

  • INFORMATION PROCESSING: data management, formatting, conversion and processing of degraded modes to guarantee local operating autonomy and the best performance.

  • DATA TRANSMISSION: data is transferred to the company’s information system via fixed (PSTN, Ethernet, PLC), short distance (Wi-Fi) or mobile (2G, 3G, 4G) telecommunication networks.

WEBDYN radio sensors

The radio transmitters of the Sens’RF range allow data transmission to an RF data concentrator on the 169 or 868 Mhz bands. Supporting radio protocols such as Wireless M-Bus, LoRa or Sigfox, these EndPoints can dialogue with the vast majority of equipment and are natively designed for large-scale deployment.
They incorporate an innovative and high-performance data recovery mechanism that can be configured to suit your needs.
The very low power consumption of the modules means that they have a lifespan of 10 years.

The management team


Philippe Faugeras, CEO and founder of Webdyn, began his career in large companies such as Bull and Alcatel. In 1985 he founded with two other engineers RCE, the largest French local area network manufacturer and the first European manufacturer of frame relay switches.
During these years he was able to put his skills and experience in data networks to good use. In October 1997, he left RCE (since acquired by Compagnie des Signaux) to found Webdyn, a company whose mission is to connect traditional systems to IP networks.
Today, Philippe Faugeras is the president of Webdyn SA, Europe’s leading manufacturer of Internet gateways for industrial applications.

Stéphane SINOBAD, Marketing & Sales Director

For more than 20 years, within multinationals such as Deutsche Telekom, or Start-ups, Stéphane Sinobad has developed a strong agility in the fields of marketing and sales function. He has passed on his methods as a manager or as a coach, enabling many professionals to excel in their turn in the function.
Stéphane is an engineer from the Polytechnic School of Nantes and holds a thesis in computer science from the University of Erlangen-Nüremberg.

Gurdeep SINGH JUNEJA, Managing Director of Webdyn India

Gurdeep Singh Juneja has a B.Tech degree in Instrumentation and Control Engineering, an Automation Engineer and a degree in International Marketing. Gurdeep Singh Juneja has more than 14 years of extensive experience in project management, business development, customer relationship management and team management.
He joined Webdyn in India even before the establishment of the subsidiary Webdyn India Private Limited on site and has been present since the very beginning of the project. He is now the Managing Director.

Éric PLANTIER, Member of the Supervisory Board

Eric Plantier is the founder and member of the management team of Blueprint Partners, a company specialising in M&A transactions for technology companies.
Over the last 15 years, Blueprint Partners has completed 100 fundraising, acquisition or disposal transactions for European clients.
Prior to founding Blueprint Partners, Eric Plantier was Investment Director for Vivendi. He also worked for Ericsson and Schneider in sales, marketing and business development roles in several countries in Asia, Europe and the US.
Eric Plantier is a graduate of Ecole Nationale des Télécommunications (MSC) and Insead (MBA).

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