For more than 15 years Webdyn has been designing and industrializing material and software solutions for M2M communication in the Energy, Environment, Smart Grids and Transport markets.

Webdyn is engaged in the development of leading-edge technologies based on Internet protocols and radio technologies to provide innovative and cost-effective teleservices – remote maintenance, remote management, remote control and remote monitoring.

Webdyn is the European leader in supplying multi-protocol concentrators which cover all applications of teleservice and monitoring. With competitive and flexible products, Webdyn covers the entire management of your remote equipments.

The range of specific products and services supplied by the company covers all applications requiring the integration of IP technologies in your remote management or automated systems.

Webdyn connects your equipment to the web via fixed (STN, Ethernet) or mobile (GSM, GPRS, Wi-Fi) communications. For our customers, this means web-based management (HTML page, email, text message) of equipment based locally and at other sites throughout the world, as well as the integration of gathered data within your own applications.

With proven experience, Webdyn spreads its expertise to RF endpoints and gateways for monitoring to respond to its customers.

With vital information for your machinery (such as operating status, inventory, diagnostics, traceability and alarms) available at any time, equipment is managed easily and securely in real time via your web services.

Webdyn is present in several European countries and has an office in India.

Webdyn’s assets

For more than 15 years, Webdyn has been fine-tuning its expertise in radio, PLC, embedded systems, and telecommunications technologies in general. More than 50% of its employees are dedicated to R&D.

The solutions proposed by Webdyn can be readily personalized for specific needs. Holding ISO 9001 certification since 2014, Webdyn can provide you with high-quality products integrating the latest M2M technologies.

As maintaining good relations is essential for the success of a project, Webdyn places great importance on the attention given to its customers. The speed of response of the commercial and customer support services and the confidence established with the customers are of prime importance and form the subject of an annual satisfaction survey.

Keen to establish a win-win relationship with its customers, Webdyn offers its products at a very attractive quality-price ratio. This enables as many customers as possible to deploy the concentrators and endpoints on a large scale at a reasonable cost.


The management system that we set up for design, manufacturing and sale of concentrators, customer support, training and the after-sales service has been evaluated and found to be in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001 by AFNOR Certification.Afaq_9001