Thanks to Webdyn products, optimize the feedback of your field data and their monitoring.

Ener ‘Control gateways

The Ener’Control range from Webdyn is composed of products that control energy, particularly production, consumption and non-consumption. Control your radio or wired equipment remotely and in real time.

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Smart ‘Grid routers

The Smart’Grid range is a compendium of technologies that will make the future of Smart Grids and Smart Cities, including smart metering. The launch of this range is recent and for the moment consists of a single product that is however likely to evolve quickly and be declined : WebdynGrid.

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Sens’RF is a range of radio sensors dedicated to energy management. This range, available in various radio protocols and different applications, provides information that can be aggregated by any type of data concentrator in radio.
These radio sensors have been designed to consume as little energy as possible, giving you battery life of almost 10 years depending on the product.

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Meter’ Monitor gateways

The Meter’Monitor gateways range is dedicated to meter counting. It brings together different gateways for optimizing remote energy management.

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Smart ‘Track Gateways

The Smart’Track product range is currently a product : WebdynTrack.

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Smart Bridge Gateways

The Data’Bridge range consists of a first gateway : WebdynBridge Wavenis/Modbus.

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