Ener’Control gateways

The Ener’ Control range of Webdyn is constituted of products which enable to monitor the energy, in particular the production, the consumption and the non-consumption.


Remotely pilot your radio or wired equipments in real time to:

  • Remote manage  your energy equipments as multi-fluid meters (gas, water, electricity) or the solar installations.
  • Set up so a proactive and curative maintenance of your networks
  • Set up an energy efficiency solution for residential or industrial buildings


Our Ener’ Control products :

  • WebdynSun : gateway dedicated to the photovoltaic plants management which enables a data collection from installations. This concentrator aggregates in a unique point data from inverters, from meters, from environmental sensors (temperature, period of sunshine).

Furthermore: the gateway is opened to the majority of the inverters of the market


  • WebdynRF : concentrator enabling to collect energy data coming from meters which communicate in LORA, WM-Bus, Wavenis, or coming from relay, of circuit breakers, Modbus or MBus equipments.

Furthermore: it is multi-protocols to answer the constraints of heterogeneousnesses of equipments to be piloted: Wireless M-Bus, Wavenis, LoRaWAN

By its opening, the WebdynRF concentrator also enables you to manage your stocks in particular the tracking of your objects, goods or material in RF. Indeed, the tracking will enable to optimise your delivery services, your inventories at a reasonable cost.