Meter’Monitor gateways

The range of concentrators Meter’ Monitor is dedicated to the counting of meters.


It includes various gateways which remotely optimise the management of energy:

  • WebdynTIC : this concentrator is dedicated to the photovoltaic domain. It enables to collect information from meters which has an interface of TIC (protocol for french meters).
    It aggregates on a unique box data from three meters and analyzes the consumption, the not consumption and the production of electricity.
    It enables to realise a curve of load without requiring recalage.


  • WebdynPulse : this gateway raises the data from three multi-fluid pulse meters. It enables to monitor the consumption and the production and to detect dysfunctions as breakdowns or leaks.


  • WebdynModbus : this concentrator establish a communication between RTU or TCP modbus slave equipments with the remote server.


The objective of all these energy meters is to be able to pilot your remote equipments and set up a preventive and curative maintenance.