Modbus gateway – WebdynModbus

The WebdynModbus gateway manages or collects data from Modbus equipment (slaves). On a single box, the gateway includes a RTU Modbus or TCP Modbus interface plus an ethernet and GPRS interface to communicate with the information system.



- The WebdynModbus gateway works like a Modbus master. It manages a set of slaves connected on a wired bus (RTU mode) or an Ethernet link (TCP)
- All the variables associated with each Modbus slave are defined in the configuration files and/or the local HTML interface
- All the data associated to each Modbus slave are reachable in reading & writing
- Collected data (reading mode) are formatted (CSV) and sent periodically through the GPRS or Ethernet network to a federating server
- Reading data are specified in the configuration file
- All the gateway functions can be synchronized with the server by using web services


- The initial configuration is carried out via the pages of the embedded web server
- Once configuration is complete, periodic data collection can start automatically
- After synchronizing with the remote server, all configurations/actions can be carried out remotely: equipment, data server address, data format, collection frequency, etc.


  • WebdynModbus collects data in Modbus RTU / TCP


  • Simple local or remote setup from a text file

  • Very low consumption of GPRS data

  • Full compatibility with Modbus protocol

  • Double connectivity Modbus RTU & Modbus TCP


  • Modbus slaves monitoring: input, output, electrical equipment, ...


  • Managing of all the variables (reading & writing) of a Modbus slave

  • Remote actions and command of the Modbus slaves