Sens’RF sensors

Sens’ RF is a range of radio sensors dedicated to the management of energy.

This range, declined in various radio protocols and various applications, collects information which can be the included by every kind of radio data concentrator.
These radio sensors were developed to consume least possible energy, offering you an autonomy on battery of about 10 years according to products.


The various radio modules proposed by Webdyn are:

  • WebdynThyg : these radio transmitters integrate temperature and hygrometry sensor to optimise the energy consumption of industrial or residential buildings, or to optimize the storage conditions of miscellaneous goods, materials or objects or to track a cold chain.

The WebdynThyg sensor is available in Wireless M-Bus and LoRaWAN versions.


  • EndPoint PulseRF : these radio modules collect data stemming from pulse meters and send them towards any radio data concentrator.
    It enables the remote reading of multi-fluid meters and so optimise the energy consumption of residential or industrial buildings.

EndPoint PulseRF module is available in Wireless M-Bus and LoRaWAN versions and in 868 or 169MHz. They also exist in Atex or not Atex versions.