Smart’Grid routers

The Smart’ Grid range is a summary of technologies which will make the future of Smart Grids and Smart Cities in particular Smart metering.


The launch of this range is recent and includes for the moment a single product which is however going to evolve quickly and will be declined: the WebdynGrid router.

WebdynGrid is an Ethernet – PLC G3 router. He enables to establish a communication between a PLC G3 network, used for electricity meters, and an Ethernet network.

This router is favored in the Smart Grids architectures, in particular in the Smart Cities. It enables to manage the street lighting, the traffic lights, the refill of electric vehicles, the electricity in buildings, and all the existing electric applications or coming applications.


The advantages of this technology are:

  • To be able to develop networks at a reasonable cost because the power line carrier is already settled in the majority of existing infrastructures
  • To ensure, thanks to the power line carrier technology, a reliability of the information collection without equal


The WebdynGrid router will soon integrates the LoRa technology to spread the deployment of the Smart Grids architectures to the isolated meters, for which the LoRa technology will enable to go collect) data at a lower cost.


Webdyn is a member an asset member of the PLC G3 alliance.