Tracking gateway – WebdynTrack

The WebdynTrack unit aggregates the internal location (GPS) or movement (accelerometer) data as well as the external data from numerous interfaces present in the transmission equipment (CAN bus, serial port, on/off I/O, analogue inputs, OneWire bus, etc.).



Two function are possible - SDK mode or personalized mode :
- In SDK mode, the basic software is delivered integrating a TCP/IP stack and a set of APIs allowing access to all the interfaces. The client develops their own specific application. The SDK is supplemented by full documentation and a development environment based on market standards (GCC compilation chain)
- In personalized mode, the WebdynTrack unit is customized by the Webdyn teams to customer specifications. On completion of development, Webdyn provides full documentation and application source code


  • Plug & play

  • Heterogeneous interfaces

  • Very low consumption: can function in stand-alone mode on internal battery for several days

  • Simplicity of product personalization


  • Vehicle tracking in case of theft

  • Management of rounds and schedules

  • Management of vehicle maintenance

  • Eco-driving


  • Vehicle traceability

  • Centralization of all the vehicle data at a single point