DDNS If user’s network has a permanently assigned IP address, users can register a domain name and have that name linked with their IP address by public Domain Name Servers (DNS). However, if their Internet account uses a dynamically assigned IP address, users will not know in advance what their IP address will be, and […]

EOS – Syslog

Syslog Enable Syslogd to capture system messages. To send them to another system, enter the IP address of a remote syslog server.   Syslog Out Mode: 3 mode options. Net: The log information output to a syslog server. Console: The log information output to console port. (The log from the console is the most detailed, […]

EOS – NetTest

NetTest Test the connection status with other IP or domain names.

EOS – Certificate

Certificate Unified management of device certificates, such as http certificates, mqtt certificates, ipsec certificates, and openvpn certificates. Certificate import: Users can import externally certificates Certificate create: Users can create certificates on the device Certificate Request: Export the certificate request file based on the existing certificate.

EOS – Upgrade

Upgrade Update software to get new features.   Firmware Upgrade: Contact us for New firmware versions. If the Router is not experiencing difficulties, then there is no need to download a more recent firmware version, unless that version has a new feature that you want to use.   NOTE: When you upgrade the Router’s firmware, […]

EOS – Configure

Configure Reset router settings: Click the Yes button to reset all configuration settings to their default values. Then click the Apply Settings button.   NOTE: Any settings you have saved will be lost when the default settings are restored. After restoring the router is accessible under the default IP address and the default password […]

EOS – System Time

System Time Select time zone of your location. To use local time, leave the check mark in the box next to Use local time.   To adjust time by the system and refresh to get the time of the web, user can set to modify the time of the system. They can change to adjust […]

EOS – Management

Management Configure WEB server parameters.   Protocol: This feature allows you to manage the router using either HTTP protocol or the HTTPS protocol. Local Web GUI port: Set the access port of the WEB server. For example, when the gateway address is and set the server port 1010, you will enter the address bar […]

EOS – Password

Password Set the user name and password, to support the input of 32 characters.   The new password must not exceed 32 characters in length and must not include any spaces. Enter the new password a second time to confirm it.   NOTE: Default username is admin. It is strongly recommended that you change the […]

EOS – Reboot

Reboot Reboot The upper right corner of the page provides the language switch button and reset button to set the WEB configuration page. You can also set a schedule reboot: Timing reboot can be set or router can be restarted immediately.