Tunnel – Serial Cable replacer RS232-4G-RS232 via MQTT

Scenario details: There are 2 RS232 devices (115200,8, N, 1) connected by a serial cable through which data is sent. We want to replace the serial cable with a transparent link RS232-4G-RS232 None of the devices is a PC. They are computers with hardly any intelligence and their internal control programs can’t be modified. That […]

Tunnel – Sending GPS positions in real time to server using TCP socket or HTTP

Scenario details: Some port facilities dispose of vehicles that lack being equipped with a real-ime GPS locating system Being a real-time system it does not need to save GPS locations history to the internal datalogger of the device in order to be sent when it later (as it is done in a conventional fleet control […]

Tunnel – 4G-Serial transparent gateway with SNMP service activated

Scenario details: There are a few hundreds of devices with RS232 port ( configurated at a 115200,8,N,1 and flow control HW). We need to monitor them from a Computer with Internet connection It should be possible to access RS232 devices at any moment, therefore the modem connected to the serial port of the device should […]

Tunnel – Use of MTX-Tunnel as a serial datalogger

Scenario details: We have a device that sends bytes of data, which correspond to a sensor’s readings, via its serial port every 10 seconds. The data will be a maximum of 256 bytes Taking readings every 10 seconds can be excessive for the application. MTX must only take one reading every minute (therefore eliminating 5 […]