Tunnel – Using API to switch a relay from a third-party or end user webpage

Scenario details: We want to program a web page and switch 1 relay, to switch a lamp on/off. For that we will use MTX-4G-JAVA-IOT-STD-RL with internal relay An end user will open the web page and will switch the external lamps on/off with the click of a mouse. MTX-Tunnel has to communicate the webpage data […]

Tunnel – API used for reading MTX-Tunnel GPIOs and ADCs from 3rd party site

Scenario details: Monitor the modem’s inputs remotely and present values in a 3rd-party web page MTX-Tunnel has to be permanently connected to GPRS in server mode, waiting for HTTP GET connections coming from this web page The end customer web page will be ASP language programmed and will collect all of the values and display them Solution: MTX-Tunnel […]