Tunnel – Providing IP to Master Modbus RTU and Modbus RTU slaves

Scenario details: We have a PLC with Modbus RTU RS485 communications which, acting as master, performs periodic readings of 3 slave devices also with Modbus RTU RS485 communications It is necessary to replicate that same scenario, with the same RS485 devices, but with IP communications, since it is not possible to carry out a wiring […]

Tunnel – Periodical sending of vehicle’s GPS locations and the registers of Modbus RTU temperature sensor RS485 to a Web server. Occasional 3G-5RS232 gateway for PLC’s firmware actualization

Scenario details: We have a truck whose GPS location and temperature of the 3 temperature sensors should be monitored. The truck is also equipped with a control PLC with RS232 serial port.There should be the possibility to update the PLC’s firmware remotely by the above mentioned serial port at any moment The modem must collect […]

Tunnel – Reading and sending Modbus registers from a PLC to a webserver. Remote and occasional access to PLC registers in real time and for remote update of PLC’s firmware

Scenario details: We have a PLC Modbus RTU. In its internal memory this PLC contains a number of variables/registers (for example, one temperature and three counters,…) which should be read and sent periodically to Web server Therefore, MTX-Tunnel should request periodically (every 15 minutes) the PLC through a serial port in order to read the […]

Tunnel – Reading and writing Modbus registers via SMS

Scenario details: We have a PLC with Modbus protocol and address 1 It is necessary to read different Modbus registers via SMS. Register 10 (current temperature), register 12 (pressure) and register 14 (current humidity) It is also necessary to be able to write “1” via SMS in Modus16 register. This way the PLC will activate […]