Tunnel – Reading of counters per CSD call and IP communications with SSL/ TLS. Incorporation of Device Manager for modem management and connection between modems and the meter box reading platform

Scenario details: A large pack of electric meter boxes is available. Until today the readings of the contractors are made through GSM Data Calls (CSD) made to the modems which are connected to the electric meter boxes through the RS232 port. It is intended to move from GSM (CSD) to IP, and add a remote […]

Tunnel – Example of meter reading via IP connection for real-time readings and for Energy operator. Preference for Energy operator’s IP connection

Scenario details: We need to read an energy meter, periodically, every 10 minutes through a 3G-RS232 gateway. We will call it “Real-Time” connection In parallel, an energy operator (like Endesa, Iberdrola, …) once a day will establish a IP connection (i.e., a 3G-RS232 gateway AS WELL, NOT A GSM CALL) to carry out the daily meter reading Operator’s […]