Tunnel – Timing alarm activation of GPRS-RS232 tunnel using MTX-ULP modem

Scenario details: We need to collect daily data of meteorological logger equipment with an RS232 port using GPRS. We need to use a low power consumption modem as the main battery cannot be changed The GPRS modem has to be in low power mode (2 μA) for 24 hours Then, after 24 hours, the modem has to […]

Tunnel – Sending digital and analog input value telemetry by 2G/3G/4G according to an event (not periodically) using ultra low power modem. Sending to MQTT broker

Scenario details: Some digital and analog inputs need to be remotely monitored via GPRS MTX-65-ULP is powered by external batteries and remains in Low Power Mode (2 uA) until the level of digital inputs change (tamper) When there is a change in tamper digital input level, the modem wakes up and changes to normal operation mode to […]