Collecting, monitoring and controlling your solar plant installation are your priorities?


Montage WebdynSunPM

Join the webinar on the new WebdynSunPM, an integrated power management for the complete monitoring of your photovoltaic system.


The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) offers radical new ways to operate equipment and field installations, optimizing operational efficiency, data analysis and predictive maintenance.

Today Webdyn allows you to sustain the monitoring of your solar installations by integrating a complete power management within the WebdynSunPM.

During this web-conference, apprehend the best uses of the WebdynSunPM with concrete cases and explanations where you can define your scenarios to modulate the power injected on the network, optimize the storage of energy or manage your own consumption.

Program of the web-conference:

Webdyn Icon State of the remote control and the new needs of the market

Webdyn Icon Presentation of WebdynSunPM : web interface, ergonomics, scripts / scenarios, etc.

Webdyn Icon User cases

Webdyn Icon WebdynSunPM offer