Solar plant gateway


The WebdynSun gateway is used to monitor and collect data from a solar plant installation.The gateway brings together on a single unit all the indicators from the inverters, the electric meters and the environmental sensors (sunshine intensity, temperature, wind speed, etc.).


- Data formatted (csv) and sent periodically through the GPRS, Ethernet or telephone network (STN) to a federating server
- Triggering and transmission of alarms in real time according to the status of the variables
- Reception on the WebdynSun gateway of control file from the central server enabling it to operate local actions
- Remote updating of the configuration and firmware
- Synchronisation of all the gateway functions with the server via web services


- The first configuration is carried out via the pages of the embedded web server
- Once configuration has been carried out, data collection can start in an automatic and periodic mode
- After synchronising with the remote server, all configurations/actions can be carried out remotely: equipment, data server address, data format, collection frequency, etc.

Compatible Inverters

Below the list of the inverters compatible with the WebdynSun concentrator:
- Danfoss - ComLynx Protocol
- Diehl - Platinum Protocol
- Fronius
- Ingeteam
- Kaco
- GreenString Mersen
- Power-One
- Schneider Electric: ConextCOM; Conext-TL; SunEzy
- Siemens: PVM; Refusol
- SMA: Sunny Boy; Sunny Central; Sunny Mini Central; Sunny Tri-Power
- Socomec: SunsysHOME; SunsysPRO
- Solarmax: MaxCOMM; MaxMeteo; MaxCount
- Huawei (using Modbus)
- SunSpec (using Modbus)
- ...


  • WebdynSun mutualises data of solar plant to measure its efficiency
  • WebdynSun concentrateur solaire

Strong Point

- Plug & Play
- Up to 100 inverters monitored per gateway
- Compatible with the inverters available on the market
- Very low consumption of data

Application Example

- Real-time monitoring of electricity production
- Preventive and curative remote maintenance of the plant
- ...


- Aggregation of all the data and photovoltaic parameters at a single point
- Real-time supervision
- Optimisation of electricity production efficiency