Read consumption data from the sub-metering to the final heating bill


Billing of heating and ancillary costs as a cloud solution for self-billers and service providers:

In 2003 eddi24, publishes the first online software for the independent creation of heating and electricity bills. The platform quickly became a success and allowed private owners to create their own legally compliant heating and utility bills. This saved a lot of time and money compared to large providers. Commercial vendors were also quick to use eddi24’s software. Due to the wide range of users, the possibilities of the platform have been further expanded to this day.

EED and the new version of the heating costs ordinance 2022 as an opportunity

With the launch of the Casameta family of products in 2019, eddi24 recognized that innovative ways were needed to meet EED requirements for remote readability and consumption information for each tenant during the year.
With the new development of the Casameta product family, the processes from reading the sub-meters to the final heating bill and informing the tenant about his consumption data have been elevated to a modern and technically mature level.

In addition to the automatic receipt of consumption data from the platforms of well-known meter providers, the download of transit data or the manual entry of readings via the Casameta app, the eddi24 value chain is now supplemented by an integrated gateway.

Complete Casameta solution with Gateway ConnectPro

Casameta users should be able to use an easy-to-use platform without having to deal with sub-metering technology in detail.

This is now done with the integration of the WebdynEasy W M-Bus into the Casameta product family: the Casameta Connect Pro. Due to the flexible configuration options of this Universal IoT Router, eddi24 is able to manage all technical settings via the Casameta platform. The user only has to perform a few steps – the ConnectPro only needs to be installed at a suitable location on the site – the rest can be done comfortably via the portal: activate, display meter reading and select meters relevant. In addition to being newly equipped with wireless meters, existing meters from well-known manufactu

rers can continue to be used.

The ConnectPro is then assigned to a property and the meters are distributed to living units and bedrooms. After 

automatic calculation of all billing-relevant meter readings for each tenant, the heating bill can be created at the push of a button.

“With the WebdynEasy W M-Bus, Webdyn has enabled us to offer our Casameta product family as a total solution. The simplified use for the user and the technically flexible integration of the Easy into our infrastructure were decisive for the decision. »

– Jörg Wulf, CEO of eddi24 –

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