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I/O Description: MTX-2G-T / MTX-3G-JAVA-T / MTX-4G-JAVA-T / MTX-4G-JAVA-T-S

Description of I/O interfaces:
  • Serial interfaces: 1x RS232 (DB9), 1x RS485
  • GPS: internal, only in MTX-3G-Java-T-G model
  • MTX-Tunnel software uses these inputs/outputs as follows:
GPIO3 Terminal block 3 Digital input SMS alarm/user/pulse counter 3/17-18
  • The column “GPIO” indicates the virtual GPIO corresponding to the GSM module inside the modem
  • The column “Location” informs us which modem connector of is located in the I/O
  • The column “Pin number” tells us the I/O connector pin number
  • The column “I/O” tells us if the GPIO is an input (digital or analog) or a digital output
  • The column “Function” tells us if the GPIO has a special feature in MTX-Tunnel. If it doesn’t use “SMS alarm” you can use GPIO3 as user digital input or pulse counter. Digital input GPIO3 sends “0” when that pin isn’t connected or is connected to ground, and “1” when is connected to VCC.