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Unirse a Webdyn es incorporarse a un equipo de entusiastas de la innovación y las nuevas tecnologías.

Integrarse en nuestros equipos es participar en una evolución tecnológica en pleno desarrollo, sobre todo en las actividades de IoT. Buscamos permanentemente nuevos talentos que deseen sumarse a nuestros equipos, en los que algunos de nuestros colaboradores forman parte de Webdyn desde su origen.

Nuestras ofertas de empleo

Description of employee position


Webdyn technical support manager.



Attached to the technical support and validation service, you will support clients with all kind of requests regarding our products and assist them in devices configuration adapted to their expectation.

You should provide assistance in parametrization of highly configurable complex device, that manages even more complex ones.

Doing so you are in charge of providing customers any necessary document and collecting information about new/not yet known devices

Additionally, you are specifically formed to

  • collect clients’ needs and requirements
  • identify the real need for complex project and real need for engineering.
  • analyze project feasibility
  • analyze client request in order to conceive a pertinent technical and financial offer and help him answer bid solicitation.
  • redact project analysis document
  • give requirement to achieve product optimization
  • list possible options so the client can choose wisely
  • give advice about equipment’s
  • explain device behavior and limits
  • generate and test dedicated scripts
  • Solution integration: Assist client during commissioning, including inverter, regulators, scada and controller’s configuration.
  • client formation
  • follow up of the client site.

You are responsible of the company image shown to our installer customers.

Expected profile

You have a diploma in one of those area IT/networks, industrial automation, eventually software development, and you want to share your technical knowledge with customers.

Fluent in English, you are patient and able to explain technical behaviours

Additional skills

Knowledge of any electronic design software is a plus, as well as ability to realize single line diagrams and electrical scheme.

Knowledge of any software language is also a plus, you will work with LUA.

Well organized, Team work.


Post based in Saint-Germain-en-Laye (78) – FRANCE

Intervention area: world.

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