Smart Industry 4.0

The world of Smart Industry 4.0 is rapidly changing.

Where there were assembly lines, we now see fully digitalized 4.0 factories where the communication between the different automation robots, and between a specific factory with the headquarters is essential for remote monitoring and management of production.

Webdyn gateways allow the monitoring and remote managment of equipment, industrial PLCs often not communicating natively.

These gateways can update their firmware remotely and this way keeping up-to-date with the changes in the operating instructions, or the functionalities requested for the equipment.

Webdyn adapts all its packaging to environmental and size constraints.

In the context of large projects, quotations can be personalized taking into consideration OEM needs.


  • Industrial equipment and products: PLCs, machines, boilers, air conditioning, etc.

  • City management: development of personalized products as needed


    For the customer

    • Improve your efficiency

    • Asset condition monitoring

    • Cost savings

    For the operator

    • Increase efficiency with products that are more flexible

    • Saving installation time

    • Real-time optimization

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