Tunnel Software


  • LTE/4G/3G/GPRS Serial Gateways: TCP Client, TCP Server, UDP Client / Server, acceptance of incoming CSD calls, up to two simultaneous tunnels.

  • GPRS Connectivity mode: Permanence 100% of the time, Low Response (SMS, missed call), change in a digital input, analog input out of levels, serial data in RS232 / 485 ports, programming of date, time and timer.


  • Datalogging of sensor data

  • RS232 / RS485 serial port datalogging

  • Datalogging of GPS positions (tracking or location of fleets)

  • Automatic data transmission to web platforms (HTTP / HTTPS, MQTT / MQTTS, FTP)

TCP Services

  • Integrated WebServer and Telnet

  • Remote access by webbrowser

  • State of analog and digital inputs

  • Datalogging GCChanges in levels of digital outputs and relaysPS (fleet tracking)

  • Execute AT commands remotely


  • Authorized telephone numbers

  • Firewall IP

  • SSL connections

Solutions for Dynamic IP

  • GPRS session using SMS or missed call

  • DynDNS and NoIP service

  • Private DNS

SMS Control and Alarms

  • SMS/MQTT alarm with changes in the level of digital inputs

  • SMS up to 10 remote users

  • Execute remote AT commands: Telnet, MQTT/MQTTs, SMS, HTTP

  • Change the status of digital outputs and relays

  • Alias allowed

Metering, Modbus, Sensors…

  • Modbus RTU devices

  • Control of relays, analog and digital inputs

  • Access to serial devices using 2G/3G/4G and SMS

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