EasyTunnel, the new industrial IoT device

EasyTunnel is Webdyn’s new powerful industrial connecting IoT device

Webdyn launches the EasyTunnel, a powerful industrial device all-in-one solution with key functionalities and different posibilities, with a great potential thanks to its software.

Due to its set of interfaces (RS232, RS485, dual SIM, digital I/O…) and the embedded new TITAN V6 firmware (Modbus, MQTT, IPSec, logger,…) ,it provides a full bundle of functionalities which will fulfill all your IoT applications needs with no need for further hardware, shortening the time-to-market and providing a very cost-effective solution.

The EasyTunnel can be used in endless IoT applications, specially ideal for Industry 4.0 applications, Smart Home or Smart Building management (temperature and humidity monitoring, motion detection, room occupancy, lighting, frequency controller …)

As new feature, EasyTunnel allows the user to develop and run user-programable scripts, based on JAVASCRIPT, which permits to program within the device particular functions for each application (edge computing).

Another functions will be the FIFO/LIFO modes, which offer different queue possibilities, SSL/TLS supported where it allows to work with secure protocols, and Automatic data sending (HTTP/HTTPs/FTP/FTPs/MQTT/MQTTs) with custom JSON format, using all kinds of communication protocols.

New EasyTunnel - Main features

4G/3G/2G, Webserver, Digital input and output, Modbus RTU/TCP, RS232/485, MQTT(s), Dual SIM, FTP(s), Ethernet configuration, Titan V6 software

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