Smart Metering

Linking a Webdyn gateway to a water, electricity or gas meter transforms it into a “smart” meter with the ability to communicate with a remote information system.

Using mobile (GPRS, 3G) or fixed (ADSL, STN, PLC) communication, smart metering provides accurate and detailed energy consumption information for households, building or companies, practically in real time.


  • For customers:
    • Pinpoint the most costly consumption areas
    • Forecast and control electricity, gas and/or water consumption
    • Monitor energy consumption in real time to become prosumers with good consumption practices; achieve significant energy efficiency savings
  • For the operator:
    • Real-time billing based on actual data
    • Substantial productivity gains, combined with improved customer relations by eliminating manual meter readings
    • Forecasting and control of electricity, gas and water generation, by anticipating peak demand (smart grid)


  • Load curve of an industrial meter
  • Multi-fluid meters: remote reading of water, electricity and gas meters