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I/O Description: MTX-IoT [3-S-N-N] / MTX-IoT [4-S-N-N]

Description of I/O interfaces:

  • DB15 expansion connection: 3 digital inputs (2 of them pulse counters), 2 digital outputs and 2 A/D conversors (0-50V in tension mode, 0-20mA in current mode)
  • Serial interfaces: 1x RS232 (DB9), 1x RS232 (DB15) or 1x RS485 (configurable with switches)
  • MTX-Tunnel software uses inputs/outputs the following way:
GPIO1 DB15 4 Digital input Wake up/pulse counter 1/13-14
GPIO2 DB15 11 Digital input SMS alarm/pulse counter 2/15-16
GPIO3 DB15 9 Digital input User/pulse counter 3/17-18
GPIO4 DB15 5 Digital output User 4
GPIO5 DB15 12 Digital output User 5
ADC1 DB15 15 Analog input User 11
ADC2 DB15 13 Analog input User 12
VExt DB15 10 Output voltage 4V
GND DB15 14 Ground Ground
  • The column “GPIO” indicates the virtual GPIO corresponding to the GSM module inside the modem
  • The column “Location” indicates in which connector of the modem the I/O is located
  • The column “Nº PIN” indicates in which pin of DB15 connector the I/O is located
  • The column “I/O” indicates I/O type
  • The column “Function” indicates if GPIO has a special task inside MTX-Tunnel. If neither “Wake up” nor “SMS alarm” are used, you can use the digital inputs GPIO20 and GPIO21 as user’s digital inputs. If the options ‘Wake up” and “SMS alarm” are used, MTX-Tunnel uses the inputs GPIO20 and GPIO21
  • The parameters OUTPUT_xxx1 refer to PIN 5 of DB15 connector
  • The parameters OUTPUT_xxx2 refer to PIN 12 of the connector DB15
  • GPIO20 and GPIO21 are optoisolated inputs that can be activated by GND (PIN 14 of DB15 connector). GPIO7 is a digital input CMOS activated by VOUT (PIN 10) of DB15 connector

Jumpers configuration

The modem has serveral switches that allow several configurations:

  • [SW1 off] + [SW2 on]: RS232 DB9 on, RS232 DB15 off, RS485 on
  • [SW1 off] + [SW2 off]: RS232 DB9 on, RS232 DB15 on, RS485 off
  • [SW7 off]: voltage analog input 1 (0-50V)
  • [SW7 on]: current analog input 1 (0-20mA)
  • [SW8 off]: voltage analog input 2 (0-50V)
  • [SW8 on]: current analog input 2 (0-20mA)
1 -RxB I/O   RS485 B signal (see section Interface
Description 5 (RS485 bus) for details)
2 +RxA I/O   RS485 A signal (see section Interface
Description 5 (RS485 bus) for details)
3 NC     Not connected
4 VIN Input 7-50VDC Positive power input
5 GND Input   Negative power (ground)