EOS – Firewall

Firewall You can enable or disable the firewall, filter specific Internet data types, and prevent anonymous Internet requests, ultimately enhance network security.   Firewall enhance network security and use SPI to check the packets into the network.To use firewall protection, choose to enable otherwise disabled. Only enable the SPI firewall, you can use other firewall […]

EOS – Packet Filter

Packet Filter This page can create firewall rules to protect your network from malicious attacks on Internet network viruses.   Packet filter: Enable or disable packet filtering. Policy: Select the action of the data package that does not conform to the setting rules. Accept only the data packets conform to the following rules: Only access […]

EOS – Access Restriction

Access Restriction Use access restrictions, you can block or allow specific types of Internet applications. You can set specific PC-based Internet access policies. This feature allows you to customize up to ten different Internet Access Policies for particular PCs, which are identified by their IP or MAC addresses.   Two options in the default policy […]