Titan – Example Scenario 2.13: Autonomous reading of Modbus registers and automatic sending to two web platforms. HTTP GET will be used to send the registers to one platform, and to the other we will send the data via FTP

Details of the example scenario: We need to read several Modbus registers of 5 Modbus RTU devices. The data should be read every 10 minutes The router must send the readings to two web platforms. On the one hand, we will send the readings in real time (in JSON format) via HTTP GET to Platform 1. On […]

Titan – Example Scenario 2.12: Example of an alarm after detecting Jamming (GSM inhibitor). Remote control of an IP camera via GPRS. Changing a relay and making a warning call when possible Jamming is detected. Sending SMS alerts when an open gate is detected

Details of the example scenario: We need to be able to remotely access, via GPRS, an IP camera that is located in a solar farm to monitor neglected equipment The camera has an IP address of and the webserver to which we need to connect is located in the TCP port 8080 To economize, a SIM […]

Titan – Example Scenario 2.11: Example of how Titan Scripts are used. Updating registers in a Modbus device according to the Modbus registers in a different device. Sending SMS and changing the Titan’s relays according to the values in these registers

Details of the example scenario: We need to provide Internet connectivity to a network analyzer with an Ethernet interface. The LAN IP address of the Ethernet device We also have 3 Modbus RTU modules. One of them, with address Modbus1, is to ready 8 digital inputs. The module with address 2 allows us to read 2 […]

Titan – Example Scenario 2.10: Accessing data from an electronic meter via a GSM data call (Iberdrola, Endesa, etc.) and via GPRS, giving priority to the GSM call made by the company. Also, obtaining remote access to a network analyzer using an Ethernet port via Modbus TCP

Details of the example scenario: We need to provide Internet access to a network analyzer with an Ethernet interface. We must be able to access it in the TCP502 port given that it is a Modbus TCP meter. The meter’s LAN IP address is On the other hand, we have an electricity meter with an RS232 […]

Titan – Example Scenario 2.9: Access to an electricity meter’s data via a GSM data call (from the energy supplier such as Iberdrola, Endesa, etc.) as well as via Internet using an existing ADSL router, giving priority to the GSM data call from the company

Details of the example scenario: We need to be able to access the data of an electricity meter remotely. The electricity meter will have an RS232 serial port with the configuration 9600 and 8N1 We want to access the meter in real time and in a continuous way using an Internet connection that is already available in […]

Titan – Example Scenario 2.8: Configuration to send to a webserver the Modbus readings of 5 Modbus RS485 devices, as well as providing Internet access to an Ethernet network analyzer

Details of the example scenario: We have five electric meters with Modbus RTU protocol. These meters have a series of variables/registers (for example, current consumption and average consumption) in its internal memory which should be periodically read and sent to a webserver. The router should request this data from the meter every 15 minutes. The registers […]

Titan – Example Scenario 2.7: Periodically send data from a distance sensor to a web server and planning to send SMS alerts according to the distance measured activating a warning light via relay. How to provide Internet access to WiFi enabled tablets

Details of the example scenario: We want to control the level of a grain silo for animal feed. For this, the router will have the distance sensor Maxbotix connected to its serial port with an RS232 output. The Maxbotix output will be installed at the top of the grain silo to measure the distance When a distance […]

Titan – Example Scenario 2.6: Periodically send data from an RS232 temperature sensor to a Web server, as well as sending SMS alerts about the temperature, providing remote access to an IP camera and changing the router’s internal relay according to a given timetable or SMS in order to activate/deactivate another device

Details of the example scenario: We have an IP camera with an Ethernet port which we want to provide with Internet access. The camera has a local IP address of The IP camera has an internal webserver that we can use to access the video that is being recorded. We must configure the router to access […]