Tunnel – AT Commands Batch Files

Inside the flash memory of the modem is a folder called “atscripts”. Within this folder batch files of AT commands can be incorporated to be executed on certain occasions or by using the command AT ^ MTXTUNNEL = file.For example, if a “miscommands.txt” file is found inside the “atscripts” folder with the content: AT^MTXTUNNEL=SETIO,0,1PAUSE 5 […]

Tunnel – Special AT Commands (API)

MTX-Tunnel needs special proprietary AT commands to allow MTX-Tunnel to be controlled by a third-party application, using a local serial port or 2G/3G/4G connection remotely. Please remember you can use one or two of the COM serial ports available. You can use them locally or you can use them remotely with IP (webserver, Telnet, MQTT, […]

Tunnel – Standard AT commands supported

MTX-Tunnel runs on MTX-Terminal modems. Internally there is a Cinterion 2G/3G/4G core, EHS6 for 3G models and ELS61 for 4G models. Those modules use the AT command set, some of them are standardized and others are Cinterion proprietary. MTX-Tunnel can run just a few of them. Those are:  AT >  OK  ATI > Returns module […]

Tunnel – AT Commands User Procedure

In main applications, MTX-Tunnel is used as a simple GPRS-Serial gateway. But sometimes, MTX-Tunnel needs to be integrated into a third-party system application which needs to access the modem remotely to find out a digital input value, network coverage, to check incoming SMS or an important action like remotely or locally changing a configuration value […]