Tunnel – Telnet Service

MTX-Tunnel features a small Telnet server. If enabled, you can remotely access MTX-Tunnel with any Telnet client. It is recommended to use Telnet to access MTX-Tunnel remotely; it is faster and effortless compared to WebServer. To access MTX-Tunnel Telnet, open the MSDos console in your PC and specify the IP address obtained by MTX-Tunnel. DNS […]

Tunnel – Webserver Service

With MTX-TUNNEL version 5.0 WebServer is included. If enabled, you will be able to remotely access the GSM modem terminal with MTX-TUNNEL if your PC connected to the Internet. To access WebServer, open an Internet browser –we recommend Microsoft Internet Explorer-on any PC and introduce the MTX-Tunnel IP address or DNS if the DynDNS feature is activated. […]

Tunnel – Configuration Procedure

In this section you will create your first GPS-serial tunnel and we will guide you through every step of the procedure. You will create a TCP server tunnel, connect from your PC and transmit/receive data. You Need: PC with Windows 2000 or XP operating system possibly with an RS232 serial port. If you have a PC […]

Tunnel – Basic Concepts

If still you have doubts about the new MTX-Tunnel please read the following FAQ section: What is the MTX-Tunnel? The MTX-Tunnel is an embedded software application that you can order from your distributor which is already installed into the MTX modems family. What is the MTX-Tunnel for? The MTX-Tunnel can be mainly used to create a transparent […]

Tunnel – Introduction

MTX-Tunnel is an application running into a Java GSM module and can be defined as a SERIAL-GRPS Gateway. It is designed to be able to take readings or maintain devices from a distance by the simple connection of a RS232/RS485 series cable to the device. Now instead of connecting your machine to the serial port […]