Tunnel – Instant sending of telemetries via MQTT of up to 2 analog inputs 0-10V and 4-20mA.

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Scenario details:

  • 2 analog sensors need to be monitored, one of the 0-10V type and the other of the 4-20mA type
  • The monitoring of the analog sensors will be carried out using MQTT, that is, the modem must send the data from both sensors to an MQTT broker
  • In order to save bandwidth, there is no need to continuously send data from the sensors to the MQTT broker. Only the changes will be sent, that is, when the 0-10V input varies by 0.1V or the 4-20mA input varies 0.15mA, these values ​​must be sent quickly to an MQTT platform (such as Cervello))

Solution: MTX-Tunnel firmware + MTX-IOT-S [4-N]

Configuration example (config.txt file) for the indicated scenario:

Configuration Observations
GPRS_apn: movistar.es
GPRS_timeout: 0 MTX_pin: 0000
MTX_model: 199802407
MTX_mode: none MTX_ping: 30
MTX_TPProtocol: ntp
MTX_numGSMErrors: 180
MTX_TPServer: ntp.roa.es
MTX_TPServer2: es.pool.ntp.org
MTX_TPFormat: unix
SMS_allPhones: on SMS_sendIP: on
SMS_ATEnabled: on
SMS_ATResponse: on
MQTT_enabled: on
MQTT_server: tcp://broker.mqttdashboard.com:1883
MQTT_attopic1: [IMEI]/AT
MQTT_atrtopic: [IMEI]/ATR
MQTT_qos: 1 MQTT_keepalive: 60
MQTT_defaultIOQos: 0
ADC_mode0: voltage
ADC_config0: mqtt;100;0
ADC_mode1: current
ADC_config1: mqtt;150;0
GPRS APN provided by GSM operator
GPRS Login
GPRS Password
Modem is permanently connected to GPRS
PIN if it has one
Device model
Gateways used
Every 30 minutes PING check
Google IP (f.e.) to ping
Time synchronization protocol
Reset if no registry in GSM network in 1800 secs.
Time server
Time server backup
Unix time format
IP by SMS authorized
IP by SMS authorized
AT by SMS allowed
SMS AT responses activated
MQTT service
MQTT broker. Protocol format://url:port
Device ID in broker
Topic of the MTX to receive AT commands
Topic where MTX sends its answers to AT commands
QoS established
Qos for defaultIOTopic
MQTT topic to send quick telemetries
ADC0 as votage input
ADC0 MQTT configuration
ADC1 as current input
ADC1 MQTT configuration


  • Setting the ADC0 input as “mqtt; 100; 0” indicates the following. Remember that all parameters are separated by semicolons ;
    “mqtt” > The input is configured to send the analog input quickly by MQTT
    “100” > Hysteresis in mV. Indicates how many mV the input must change to send the data to the MQTT broker. This avoids continuously sending data to the broker and excessive and unnecessary consumption of traffic
    “0” > Indicates the timeout of the analog input. This means that the change of the analog input will be sent to the MQTT broker quickly. If, for example, a value of “60” were configured, even if there are multiple changes in the analog input, more than 1 MQTT message will never be sent in those 60 seconds

  • The sending format of these messages follows the JSON structure, shown in the following example:
    “TS”:” 2020-02-08T19:15:12Z”

    – IMEI: indicates the IMEI of the MTX modem
    – TYPE: indicates the type of frame. ADC = analog input
    – TS: Timestamp (unix format specified in MTX_TPFormat)
    – ID: indicates the ADC index (0 = ADC0.1 = ADC1)
    – VALUE: indicates the value of the input (in mV or mA)
    – MODE: indicates the working mode of the input (“voltage” / “current”)

  • The data of the digital inputs configured as “mqtt” are sent to the topic configured in the parameter “MQTT_defaultIOTopic”

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