New industrial IoT Modem

MTX-StarEnergy-E, Webdyn’s industrial IoT modem for electric metering applications

The global electric metering market is facing an important transformation as electricity gains momentum in the world of renewable energies. Also, new normative in many countries is pushing for more efficient metering processes, with a subsequent increasing demand for metering devices that meet all the requirements.
For the cited purposes Webdyn has conceived the MTX-StarEnergy-E, an innovative industrial modem that comprises a set of features specially oriented to the electric market. This powerful device allows the reading of IEC 60870-5-102 protocol meters via both IP-RS232/RS485 gateways with priority management through LTE-4G/3G/2G networks, as well as CSD calls. It also monitors the presence of the meter by sending an alarm in case of no detection thanks to SNMP traps and detects and sends power failure alarms thanks to a supercapacitor that provides enough backup energy for that purpose. The MTX-Star-Energy-E includes an embedded simplified version of our powerful TITAN software.

Complementing other Webdyn metering devices like the MTX-StarEnergy-M with 230V, the new MTX-StarEnergy-E widens the power range to an AC input of 100 to 240VAC, and a DC input of 48 to 110VDC (2-way 3.5mm), instead of the standard single input.

This singularity makes this device perfect for the most demanding applications, that exceed your typical electric metering needs. Its main benefits include an easy deployment and rollout with a fastening triangle mount, highly secure connections and embedded IEC 60870-5-102 protocol. Also, its special design allows for a quick status view. The MTX-StarEnergy-E includes the necessary accessories for its immediate deployment, which are a RJ45 to DB9 M cable, and a GSM5 antenna. The modem can be installed either with DIN rail, or triangle wall mounting, and its optimized design makes it a compact wide-range device, ideal to install in reduced spaces.


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