New WebdynEasy LoRaWAN


In our increasingly interconnected world, the LoRa technology covers the need to wirelessly connect your own IoT network to low consumption devices that allow long-range transmissions with low power use, ideal for applications that send small amounts of data with low bit rates.

In these scenarios, the WebdynEasy LoRaWAN provides a powerful gateway specific to wireless networks using LoRa radio technology. Its main function is to provide the connection between the network sensors and a data server using LoRaWAN. The purpose of the equipment is to collect LoRaWAN and/or Modbus RTU/TCP data and to send it at a regular frequency to a remote server using Ethernet or 4G/3G. The configuration is done from its embedded LoRAWAN webserver.

The WebdynEasy LoRaWAN technology allows long range data transmissions with low power use.

This gateway uses “Over The Air Activation”, and it listens on 8 different frequencies at once. This allows it to capture data emitted using LoRaWAN from sensors that within a distance of 20km. The channels can be configured and updated locally or remotely, which reduces maintenance costs and optimizes energy efficiency.

The WebdynEasy LoRaWAN can be used in endless IoT applications. In Smart Cities for instance, an extremely low energy is necessary for waste management, where a huge network of smart bins need to send data periodically to manage the trash collection. In Smart Home and Building management, different sensors (temperature, lighting, alarms…) and meters (electricity, water, gas…) need to be tracked a few times a day. In Smart Agriculture and automatic irrigation, a monitoring of climate, soil moisture, and turning valves on and off is needed. In Smart Healthcare it can be very useful to track Covid-19 contacts, monitor air quality and security distance, manage monitoring devices, etc. The same can be said for many other IoT vertical sectors like Smart Meterting, Industry 4.0, Smart Retails, Smart Supply Chain & Logistics, and more.

Other strengths of the WebdynEasy LoRaWAN are its capacity to monitor up to 1000 LoRaWAN sensors and 10 gateways. It’s compatible with a wide range of commercially available sensors, designed to work with LoRa technology. independence from any platform (FTP/s), its ability to use OpenVPN 2.5.5, and its capacity of alarm reporting which allows for a quick response in the face of any technical failure.

In a nutshell the WebdynEasy LoRaWAN gateway is Webdyn’s best solution for any IoT application that requires long-range data transmissions, becoming a competitive device in the LoRaWAN technology sector.

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