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The photovoltaic sector is gaining prominence in a context where new sources of energy are needed. Renewable energy is key for a sustainable future where energy production can be maximized in the best efficient way, and there is a growing demand for technology that addresses the specific needs of the Smart Grid market.


At Webdyn, we have been investing a lot of time and resources in perfecting the ideal equipment for solar plants, including its most powerful asset, the Power Management, a computing device feature which allows to control the power production with minimal impact on performance. This means that the WebdynSunPM can switch between several power modes that will adapt the performance to each situation, optimizing the production output.

The WebdynSunPM with Power Management, for a most efficient electrical power production.

Webdyn’s gateway can be connected to the electric grid through third-party devices like electric meters, sensors, inverters, Modbus slave devices, PLCs, relays, etc., via its different input interfaces: digital, analogue and pulse inputs, relay, RS485/422, 0-10V/4-20mA… The gathered data is then transmitted in a transparent way via LTE-4G connectivity or Ethernet to one or two servers, that will interpret and analize the data before sending it to the final user. The device has a very low data consumption on mobile networks, and it has a very high data security.

The WebdynSunPM has been especially designed to answer all the needs of solar plants like real-time monitoring of electricity production, local action automation, local/remote maintenance (alarms, troubleshooting, correction), with Power Management and 0 injection to the grid.

Among other highlights of the WebdynSunPM concentrator, we would like to mention that it is compatible with most commercially available inverters, enhancing their handling to change the status, adding, deleting or modifying the configuration. It can manage more than 200 inverters at the same time, and it also has easy and quick autodiscovery, automatically detecting SunSpec. Webdyn’s gateway also includes proprietary protocols (SMA, Delta, Solarmax), and it works with MQTT, HTTP, and FTP. It can be configured with remote commands via FTP, SMS or using the embedded web server compatible with MS Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS), and its DIN rail makes for an easy installation.

The WebdynSunPM is the perfect connectivity device to monitor and control photovoltaic installations by collecting, analyzing and modifying the equipment parameters. It will allow you to define your scenarios and modulate the power injected to the grid, optimize energy storage or manage your own consumption. Its Power Management feature will grant you offloading, autoconsumption, storage, as well as many other actions, smoothing your transition into a more efficient and sustainable energy production.

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