WAN Select the appropriate wide area networking mode according to different requirements. Set the corresponding parameters according to different connection modes. Dual Both Online: WAN and Bkup WAN are both online.The system will automatically switch back to the main chain when the main link is available if enabled. Link Fail to Restart: Time of restart […]

EOS – LAN Status

LAN Status LAN port MAC, IP and DNS and other information.   Host Name: Host name of LAN client. IP Address: IP address of the client. MAC Address: MAC address of the client. Conn. Count: Connection count caused by the client. Ratio: The ratio of 4096 connection.   DNCP Server: Enable or disable the router […]

EOS – WAN Status

WAN Status The page show the specific connection details, including module information, network operators, as well as the connection of the IP address and DNS, etc.., according to the different connection types.