New ExpertLoRaWAN


With LoRa gaining momentum in a world that is increasingly interconnected, industrial devices that use this radio technology are becoming more prominent in the IoT universe. This kind of equipment lets you to wirelessly connect your own IoT network to low consumption devices that allow long-range transmissions with low power use, making it ideal for applications that send small amounts of data with low bit rates.

After the release of the WebdynEasy LoRaWAN, covering a wide range of LoRa applications, Webdyn launches the ExpertLoRaWAN, a powerful industrial device for this technology with all the capabilities of a router, thanks to its embedded Titan software. The equipment allows you to connect to a wide range of sensors and send the gathered data at EU868 frequency to any IoT platform using Ethernet or 4G/3G. The device is easily configured through a webserver interface. It can act as LoRa packet forwarder, but it has also an embedded LoRaWAN network server to build up a complete private network.

Thanks to its software, Webdyn’s latest equipment functions as a smart router with all its features including routing, port forwarding, datalogger, Modbus reading, etc. The ExpertLoRaWAN also provides Ethernet IP or 4G-LTE IP backhaul and its DIN rail allows for an easy
Another strength is its compatibility with a wide range of commercially available sensors, designed to work with LoRa technology. 

The ExpertLoRaWAN can be used in endless IoT applications. In Smart Cities for instance, extremely low energy is necessary for smart parking management, where a huge network of smart parking spaces needs to send data periodically to manage the parking facilities. In Smart Home and Building management, different sensors (temperature, lighting, alarms…) and meters (electricity, water, gas…) need to be tracked a few times a day. In Smart Agriculture for instance, a monitoring of silos level and turning valves on and off is needed. In Smart Healthcare it can be very useful to track Covid-19 contacts, monitor air quality and security distance, manage monitoring devices, etc. The same can be said for many other IoT vertical sectors like Smart Metering, Industry 4.0, Smart Retail, Smart Supply Chain & Logistics, and more.

ExpertLoRaWAN grants its clients the reduction of maintenance costs and optimised energy efficiency, making it Webdyn’s best solution for any IoT application that requires long-range data transmissions that need a smart device with a complete embedded software.

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