Titan Software

Gateway to Series

  • 2G/4G/Ethernet/WiFi to RS232/RS485

  • 2G/4G/Ethernet/WiFi to USB

  • Gateway server or client

  • SSH

  • AT commands

  • Incoming CSD call for metering applications


  • Gateway Modbus TCP-Modbus RTU

  • Gateway Modbus TCP/RTU-SNMP

  • Autonomous reading Modbus TCP/RTU (datalogger)

  • Modbus Slave, sending SMS, Emails and traps SNMP by Modbus TCP

  • Modbus user scripts, allowing the reading of devices and depending on values, perform actions autonomously


  • Datalogging sensor data

  • Datalogging serial data RS232/RS485/USB

  • Datalogging GPS (fleet tracking)

  • Automatic data sending to web platform (HTTP/HTTPS, MQTT/MQTTS, FTP)

Sensor Compatible

  • Temperature sensor MTX-Temp-RS232

  • Distance sensors (ultrasound) Maxbotics

  • Modbus RTU/TCP sensors TCP

  • RF868 Wavenis sensors

  • Internal jamming detection sensor with alarm indicator


  • IPSEC + OpenVPN server or client

  • Permanent OpenVPN or timed with AT command


  • Router control by SMS: status, coverage…

  • Sending alarms by SMS

  • Sending/receiving SMS using Modbus TCP

  • Customizable texts

  • Sending SMS by serial port

  • Firewall

Other Features

  • Webserver

  • DynDNS / No-IP compatible

  • Sending IP to private DNS server

  • Reset hardware

  • Keep online

  • Autoreset programmable

  • SIM multioperator

  • Coverage scanning

  • Time synchronization with NTP servers

  • AFirmware remote update

  • AT commands

  • NAT, firewall, DHCP and other features

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