Titan – Configuration: Serial Settings

The MTX-Router-Titan II, MTX-Router-Titan and MTX-Router-Titan mini devices have several serial ports and USB. Using these, we can create serial/3G, USB/3G or serial/CSD gateways to remotely control serial devices. The number of RS232 or RS485 serial ports will depend on the MTX-Router-Titan model used. Baudrate: specifies the serial port velocity (115200, … , 300) Data bits: specifies the number of data […]

Titan – Configuration: Firewall

Section to configure the security aspects of the router. Firewall: NAT This section will outline from where we can map ports to access, from external devices, internal devices that are connected to the router. For example, if there is an IP camera connected to the MTX-Router-Titan-3G\’s Ethernet port and we wish to have access from an outside […]

Titan – Configuration: WiFi

The “WiFi” configuration section refers to the WiFi network configuration. By using a WiFi connection, we can provide WiFi enabled devices with access to the Internet. WiFi: Basic Settings This section explains the basic configuration parameters for a WiFi connection. Enabled: This parameter activates the WiFi interface for the Titan router WiFi mode: this parameter allows […]

Titan – Configuration: LAN

La sección de configuración “LAN” hace referencia a la parte de configuración de red Ethernet. LAN: Basic Settings Esta sección permite configurar los parámetros básicos de red de la conexión Ethernet. Este menú es diferente en función de si el router Titan cuenta con 1 puerto Ethernet o 2 puertos Ethernet. Routers Titan con 1 […]

Titan – Configuration: WAN

The WAN section refers to everything related to the 2G/3G route configuration, from the connection status, network configuration parameters and supervision of the connection. WAN: Status This screen shows the general status of the router: Public IP: WAN IP address (address of the GPRS/3G connection) if available GSM Module: indicates the manufacturer and the router’s internal […]