recommends the WebdynEasy W M-Bus 868MHz for Smart Building Applications

Monitoring your data as close as possible to customers needs


Since the company was founded in 2018, has been dealing with the topics of cloud metering, cloud monitoring and energy management. After these points have now been implemented very successfully, was able to expand the know-how acquired from sensor data acquisition and the associated data management to the areas of smart building, smart city, industry 4.0 / smart factory and agriculture 4.0.
The company’s own IoT platform is used for customer-specific data monitoring. Since the servers are located and hosted in Germany, provides its customers with solid data and legal security.

The sensor data acquisition at takes place via various systems (such as LoRaWAN, WM-BUS, Ethernet, GSM, etc.), so almost every customer request can be implemented. In the further process, collects, harmonizes, decrypts and decodes the recorded sensor data and makes it available to its customers via defined interfaces, perfectly coordinated, for further use and processing in the existing customer systems.

A MULTI-BRAND OFFER, A DESIRE FOR INDEPENDENT DATA COLLECTION also offers its customers independence from manufacturers and hardware through individual data acquisition. By harmonizing all recorded data, is able to provide the customer with data from different devices and different manufacturers in a system-compatible manner.
In addition to a high level of investment protection, the customer also has security and maintains his liquidity. With these services, baeren. io from Würzburg stands out from the market.


For, consumption data acquisition is at the heart of its customers’ concerns.
It was important to find a solution that could not only upload the requested data but also interface with its own portal.
That’s why they decided to trust in Webdyn new solution: WebdynEasy W M-Bus. «Different concret projects with customers are
already underway. They need to have a certain amount of data to go back such as: having a monthly reading of the energy meters, life
feedback of status information sent by smart devices, abnormal power consumption control. With the WebdynEasy W M-Bus all this data is
collected and analyzed via our platform in an easy way». explains Andreas Will, Sales and Marketing Director at

The main applications for’s customers with this product are also:

  •     automatic readings of submeters in the German market
  •     monitoring of smoke alarms via distance

And they will have many other applications to offer with the WebdynEasy W M-Bus.

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WebdynEasy W M-Bus 868MHz product

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